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The Best Mortgage to Buy a House - Chicago and Surrounding Suburbs

Hey everyone, I am K.B. The broker. I'm here with Glen Marino today from Centennial Mortgage. Go ahead Glen, tell them a little bit about yourself. How long have you been in the business and what is...

Naca Review

Good afternoon my I'm K.B The Broker from Serious Home Buyers Program. I'm a licensed realtor here in Chicago and I have Alicia with me today and she, she did, she did the NACA program and she...

Average Credit Score Needed To Buy A House

Hello my name is K.B. the Broker and today we're going to talk about credit. What does your credit score need to be for you to get a loan on your first home? Most of the time I run into people and...

First Time Home Buying Classes Chicago

Good morning, I am K.B the Broker and I want to talk to you today about our first time home buying class, where it is, how long it takes, what it covers, how often we do it and how you can sign up to be...

5 Tips For First Time Home Buyers- What Do I Need to Qualify?

Good morning, I am K.B. the broker and today we're going to talk about the five things you need to know before you purchase your first home. I am a licensed realtor and I work in Chicago and surrounding...
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